2018 Reading Goals

Ideal Bookshelf: Universals by Jane Mount

Happy New Year!

When I set a goal last January to read 40 books, I never imagined that I’d end the year having read 105 and with a blog full of reviews. I started Brief Book Reviews in 2017 to track my progress, and to share my thoughts on all those books because that’s one thing I miss from my days as an indie bookseller: recommending books. With the blog came an Instagram account and a connection to a lively community of avid readers. That initial goal gave me focus, and I was able to reinfuse my life with the intense habit of reading that I’d seemingly lost after having kids.

I love a goal. So this year I’m challenging myself to read 75 books. Less than 100. More than 50. I think it’s doable.

And book reviews! I may not review every book, as I attempted to do last year (until I hit #89 and came down with a serious case of blog avoidance), but I will be posting reviews of what I’m reading regularly. I’ve already finished 3 books in 2018, so stay tuned…

Did you set reading goals this year? What’s at the top of your to-read stack?

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